In this lab we introduce deep learning accelerated by GPUs. We tour popular software frameworks for deep learning by training Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) in each framework to classifiy images.
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Tokens Required: Free
Levels: Beginner
Duration: 00 h:45 m
Access Time: 00 h:55 m
Setup Time: 00 h:06 m
Tags: Deep Learning, Machine Learning, self-paced, free
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  1. Yizhou Zhou

    Yizhou Zhou Reviewed about 3 hours ago
  2. Yizhou Zhou

    Yizhou Zhou Reviewed about 3 hours ago
  3. Mohamed Abdelkader Bencherif
    Thanks for the lab, A lot of info in a short time, but nice methodology.
    Mohamed Abdelkader Bencherif Reviewed about 5 hours ago
  4. pankaj singh

    pankaj singh Reviewed about 6 hours ago
  5. Takeyuki Moriyama
    Takeyuki Moriyama Reviewed about 9 hours ago